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Outline of the career and experience of Ruben Boré

Ruben Bore was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in March 1949. Ruben's interest in art began at the early age of four when his parents were decorating their home. An artist was commissioned to create a painting on a ceiling and this made a strong impression on Ruben. Soon thereafter Ruben began drawing and painting.

Ruben's formal art education began at the College of Art by Benkov in Tashkent, from which he graduated in 1965. He then attended The Repin Art Academy in St. Petersburgh, Russia from which he received his Bachelor's Degree in Art in 1976.

From 1977 through 1979 Ruben was employed by a major company creating art by painting and photo design. He traveled extensively throughout Europe gaining vast experience and broadening his horizons and knowledge. In 1980 Ruben set out on his own by opening an art gallery in Moscow.

During the next sixteen years Ruben continued painting, participating in numerous exhibitions and as an art restorer for prestigious museums.

In 1985 "The Hermitage" in St. Petersburg, Russia brought Ruben in to restore old oil paintings. In 1987 Ruben was invited to work and live in Milan, Italy as a designer and restorer of old oil paintings and sculptures. In 1996 "The Metropolitan Museum of Art" in New York engaged his services for the same purpose.

In 1998 Ruben opened another art gallery in Rome, Italy. It is still in operation and run by his son Alberto.

Since establishing himself world renown artist Ruben has been a featured artist at many exhibitions. These include: An "Impressionism" exhibit at the Gallerie de Monica in Paris (1989), The "Sunshine" exhibition at the Via de Sogno in Rome (1997), The "Gallery of Contemporary Art" in Yaffa, Israel (1998), "The Carol Schwartz Gallery in Philadelphia, (1998) and The "Gallery Tomashano" in Tokyo, Japan (1999).

In 1998 Bore had the honor of having a private exhibition at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.

In 1999 Ruben opened his latest art gallery in Roslyn, New York that is operated by his son Eduard.

Bore currently lives in Paris, France where he continues to create his art.

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